What’s up Friday Fam!

This is such a dope Friday mix. DJ Denise brings it with her brand new, hot out the oven electro, tech house, techno mix. It reminds me of so many Fridays and Saturdays in my life. So many nights in Berlin. So many after parties in San Francisco and LA.. this mix is gonna be an instant classic in my driving rotation! Denise is being featured for the second time on Finally Friday and you won’t regret checking out everything she’s got. She hails from the Bay and therefore represents many things I stood and still stand for. The scene slightly out of reach for me nowadays but mixes and connections like this make me feel like I’m home!

…and I’m gonna have to snag some of these tracks too… this shit is straight fire, guuuuurl! 😉

Check out this tracklist and the mix right along with it!

Denise, maybe one day we’ll be able to play a show together again. This sound would kill over here in Germany!

1. Chris Lake x Walker & Royce – Dance With Me
2. Riva Starr & Green Velvet – Keep Pushin’ (Harder)
3. Breaking Beattz – Ghetto Funk
4. PEZNT & Born I Music – Breakfast
5. Mihalis Safras & Green Velvet – Poze
6. Nick Olivetti & Heartlybeats feat. KE – Bang Low
7. Bart B More & Das Kapital – Hit the Club
8. OMNOM – Fo Free
9. Chris Lake & Green Velvet – Deceiver
10. Mihalis Safras & Green Velvet feat. Shamonique – Sauce
11. ZDS feat. KE – Sweat
12. Bhaskar, Kohen – Put Your Number
13. Jameson – Guess The Rest
14. Jack Beats – The Remedy

It’s Friday again!! One more week until my holiday time starts. These past few weeks I’ve been really into drum and bass again as can be seen on my Instagram Story GIF Dance Battles… and so how luck was I when I put my feelers out and Elbereth, an old DJing colleague dropped me a link to her drum and bass mix ‘Bass Requiem’ which at the time of writing has 2970 plays! Let’s reach that 3K!

Bruh, I was jammin home from work through those Bavarian villages at what felt like double speed, blasting this mix and turning heads so hard grandpas be losin their hat feathers n shit. A definite recommendation from me for this weekend. Hopefully it won’t end es fast as it started!

By the way show this girl some love if you have any connection to her at all. She’s recently been diagnosed with chronic TMJ issues and it’s tearing at her. I’m sure she’d appreciate any and all kinds of kindness right about now. Elbereth and I weren’t close friends back in the day, but we DJd some of the same shows, though and anyone from that part of my life, from that part of the scene is family to me, no questions asked… and she’s a fuckin awesome DJ who will bring it if bringing needs to be brought.

Now go fuck up your weekend with this mix 😀

Cheers, RDMN


1. Intro by Elbereth
2. All Out by Killer Hertz
3. Panzer by Dimension
4. Outlaw Renegade by Drumsound & Bassline Smith
5. Chocker by State of Mind
6. Cold Crush by Rene LaVice
7. Collider (The Upbeats Remix) by Noisia
8. Caterpillar (feat. Virus Syndicate) by Black Sun Empire
9. Nobody But You (feat. Jem Cooke) [Tantrum Desire Remix] by Delta Heavy
10. Sphere by Gydra
11. Teddy’s Song by Teddy Killerz
12. Full Tilt by Cruk
13. Infinity by DC Breaks
14. Tweakers (feat. Ryme Tyme) by Mob Tactics
15. Red Blocks by Juno
16. Cyborg (feat. BMotion) by Cyantific
17. The Day Is My Enemy (Bad Company UK Remix) by The Prodigy
18. Small Steps (Original Mix) by Document One
19. Masochist (Original Mix) by Pendulum


Mix Mastered by: Austin X

I’ve come to enjoy digging through my friends list on facebook or soundcloud and finding mixes from hard working local and underground DJs, who have families, day jobs or are full time students and still take the time to follow their passion.

It’s cool posting about the greats in the scene, with flashy videos and packed crowds in the background, but there is something about the underdog that resonates with me. The local heroines and heroes of the raves, clubs, ragers, underground, hotel rooms and house parties deserve to be heard.

This Friday I listened to DJ Axel Holmes – No Stopping Now and want to share it with all of you. I just love to cruise through these old traditional Bavarian villages and bump the thump.. and this mix certainly threw a Lederhosen clad fella or two off as I was driving by. I was getting into that daydream autodrive mode I got lost in the sounds and found myself back at a bar in a dark Berlin club, with my Club Mate Vodka in one hand dance-strutting over to the couch corner but never sitting down because those shits are always occupied… ok I lost myself again for a second… go check out this techno mix below and check out DJ Axel Holmes Artists page here.

Once I have a track list I’ll post that, too. Cheers RDMN.


There it is again.. Friday! We keep making it 🙂
This time I have another soundcloud clip for you guys. This is a very special friend of mine from my old music days in the wild wild west. Eve Falcon, awesome DJ, hot as hell and wife of Jason Blum, one half of the live electronic act Deepsky from back in the day. So many memories and connections have been created in my life after meeting Jason and Scott from Deepsky. Eve is one of them. She has such a mature sound and scratches my progressive/deep house itch in just the right way.

If you like this mix, feel free to show your support by purchasing the mix including the individual tracks: www.beatport.com/release/evocative-043/2243521

‘Evocative’ airs every 2nd Tuesday of the month on Proton Radio
2pm ET /11am PT / 7pm UTC
Check it out here: www.protonradio.com/show.php?showid=644

Alright, I’m gonna let this mix carry me into the weekend… I suggest you do the same.

Much love Eve. Miss all you guys!

cheers RDMN



Freedo Mosho – Back to the Woods (Luis Junior Remix) [Electronic Groove Records]
GMJ – Push Through (Andrea Cassino Remix) [Proton Music]
R. Fentz – Disbelief [Nie Wieder Schlafen]
GMJ – Tripswitch (Kosmas Remix) [Particles]
Michael A – Aura Tears (Proton Music)
Filtergeist – Kinaray [Qilla Records]
Antrim – Carnatica (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix) [Or Two Strangers]
GuyRo – Illuminate (East Café Remix) [Balkan Connection]
Robert Solheim – Ferga [Pangea Recordings]

Social media has opened so many doors for people of all walks of life.

I can only speak for musicians but everyone can agree that social media has created opportunities for anyone trying to spread the word about anything. And it’s this expectation to seize those opportunities that will make you go crazy.

I have so many social media channels going and I won’t mention all of them as I write this. The mother of all social media for me personally was MySpace. Boy, was it important to have a shit load of “friends” on there for promoters to consider booking you. But it was only a single account to take care of.. it was easy to push it. There is probably still a YoursTruly-MySpace account out there floating around the net somewhere.
Either way, here is a list of channels I tend to nowadays and what I use them for, followed by a personal strategy that I hope will help me stay sane:

Facebook – A mix of real friends and followers. It’s a main communication tool for my extra curricular activities: Sports, Family, Friends and Music.

WordPress – Let’s me write down rants like this one and also hosts my Website for music related content.

Twitter – Used for talking shit about Trump. Nothing helps me wake up in the morning like one of Trump’s dumb ass tweets. Thank you Mr. President 🙂

Instagram – A Collage of everyday life and music scenes captured in pictures and video clips. I even have a small business creating English language Instagram posts for German companies… Fun fact: my cats have their own account.. don’t hate, they’re fabulous.

YouTube – Creating video content for my music. I’m starting to video record things I do in music. This is one channel I’d really like to grow in the future.

Soundcloud – Keeping my music updated here.

DemoDrop – I uploaded my mashups here because SoundCloud was being a dick about it

MixCloud – I uploaded my DJ mixes here because SoundCloud was, again, being a dick about it.

Vero – Yet another player in the field. I do like the idea of it. It’s like Instagram and Foursquare meet IMDB, plus you can add books you’re reading and it gives you the option to recommend or not recommend something.


Keeping my head above water.

There are a few channels that I don’t frequently use at the moment. Frequently for me means at least once a week. The channels above however started to overwhelm me as I used them more frequently.
In January I decided to push my music again and that meant sound the horn in all directions..right? Well, not quite. There is no need to be absolutely everywhere. I want to be where my potential audience is so I chose these outlets because I felt that I could provide regular content for them. Being consistent is important if you want a follower base to stay loyal or, better yet, grow.

I soon realized, though, that it was chaotic work so I made a weekly plan which helped organize some of the content creation. Twitter and Facebook communication is still a daily thing, but blog posts are planned and set to post once or twice a week.

Sunday is my day to organize my thoughts about what’s going to happen in the following week. If I have enough time I will even write the blog posts on this day for future publishing.

Monday is my music day. That means I either produce and work on tracks or record a mix and get it all on video if I have the time. Don’t get me wrong, I will work on music any time I feel inspired to do so, but it helps to have a schedule guide what happens when.

Wednesday is networking day, so if I need to do more than just like funny cat videos on Facebook I’m doing it on this day. Being active in music groups, comment on YouTube, share SoundCloud tracks, etc. It’s an important part of staying visible.

By focusing my content creation and networking on these days I end up having less stress and more time to do other things. This also leaves me with enough stuff to post towards the weekend. Essentially I’ve moved from “Spray N Pray” to “Fire and Forget”, which is a much more efficient way of existing in this Soup of Social Media.

Cheers and thanks for letting me get this off my chest 🙂



I’m so glad Lunar sent me this live mix today. I usually post videos of live mixes but this Techno mix is so much gold I just really had to post it because it literally is my party mix for this friday and the weekend.

John “Lunar Vision” and I met back during the time when I started playing in the Sacramento area from around 2009-2011. Always a stand up guy and a pleasure to be at shows with. I have mad respect for him and the people in the Sacramento scene from back then.

If you want to know what my favorite type of Techno is apparently you just need to ask Lunar Vision (on SoundCloud) and Nathan Garrett (on MixCloud), who go back to back in this deep techno set from an All Things Trance event in Sacramento, recorded on 2/27/18.

This set starts deep and goes dark and filthy towards the end. I would have loved to hear this in some of the Berlin Clubs. It would definitely fit.

Check out the tracklist and get your weekend started right.

01 – 00:00:00 Paul Ursin – Space Race
02 – 00:05:41 Moonwalk – Labyrinth
03 – 00:09:34 Alex Kennon – Last Call (Karmon Remix)
04 – 00:14:15 Riamiwo – Radialturbine (Tom Hutt Remix)
05 – 00:20:24 Sam Paganini – Rave
06 – 00:23:10 Eric Sneo – Out Of Step
07 – 00:28:46 Pan-Pot – White Fiction
08 – 00:36:00 Several Definitions – The Escape (Township Rebellion Remix)
09 – 00:39:07 Olivier Giacomotto – Bipolar Star (Victor Ruiz Remix)
10 – 00:45:03 Hidden Empire – First Bastion
11 – 00:49:41 Pig & Dan – Chemistry
12 – 00:54:05 Bart Skils – Ocean Drive
13 – 00:59:32 ANNA – Hidden Beauties
14 – 01:04:41 Tale Of Us – North Star