It’s finally Friday and again this week I congratulate myself, and all of you, for having made it.

This Friday in two weeks marks my return to Berlin and ANNA is providing the mood with this all vinyl techno set. I’m so excited to go back to my home town the next two weeks are gonna take forever….

I’m gonna get lost in this mix now while I setup some new equipment here on my desk. cheers!

01. ANNA – The Dansant
02. Jon Hester – Cypher – 04:47
03. ANNA – Hidden Beauties – 07:58
04. Joran Van Pol – Return – 12:32
05. Carl Craig ft. Innerzone Orchestra – At Les (Christian Smith Hypnotica Remix) – 16:20
06. Aleksi Perala – UK74R1409047 (Len Faki Deepspace Mix) – 21:55
07. Truncate – 7_1 (Ambivalent Remix) – 25:57
08. Laurent Garnier – Crispy Bacon – 28:30
09. Johannes Heil – By Night (Part Three) – 31:55
10. Spencer Parker – Shape Fascination (Setaoc Mass Remix) – 36:38
11. Bastinov – Wormhole – 38:00
12. Setaoc Mass & Cleric – Subconcious Life – 41:45
13. Ambivalent – Daylights w/ Regal – Acid Is The Answer (Acappella) – 44:08
14. Regal – Acid Is The Answer – 49:00
15. Regal – Acid Is The Answer (Dub Mix) – 53:05
16. Philipp Gorbachev ft. Polina – 5th New Century (Len Faki Hardspace Mix) – 57:35
17. Antigone & Ø – Icosahedron Flood – 1:01:00
18. Agoria – La Onzime Marche (Phil Kieran Remix) – 1:04:05


So again it’s Friday and we made it another week. High five yourself for that one.

Since we’re all high fiving ourselves already I decided to celebrate this Friday with a little bit of mixing fun of my own. Still working on the setup and what angle to use bla bla bla, but the sound is kickin and that’s what counts.

Thanks for joining me in my personal space.


01. Al Bizzare – Blast Wave (Original Mix)
02. Daft Punk vs. Wippenberg – Pong Around The World (Thomas Radman Mashup)
03. Chris Lake, Nastala – If You Knew (Feed Me Remix)
04. Daft Punk vs. Feed Me – Aerodynamic GTE (Thomas Radman Mashup)
05. MSTRKFT – Heartbreaker feat. John Legend (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)
06. Tiga – What You Need (Proxy Remix)
07. Zombie Nation – Supercake 53 (Franz & Shape Remix)
08. Shade k – Fuckuplay (Original Mix)
09. Boyz Noise – Rock The Bells (Original Mix)


I actually never really paid attention to Twitter much in the past. I had my account linked to all my other social media stuff to “automatically” fill it with content, but I wasn’t really active on my own in the beginning.

A few months ago I started to get more active, in fact I just posted tweet number 3000 last week. The number climbed pretty fast once I actively got involved in conversations about music, software, production and of course Donald Trump. In the beginning I had a personal policy of not openly getting involved in politics, but some things I just can’t be quiet about and I get sucked into the melee.


Tweeting about music

I’ve had a few music related interactions that make all this tweeting worth it to me. Here are a couple of examples.

After looking at Nexus for weeks and reading horror stories about their customer service I just really welcomed the friendliness of the Lethal Audio team… so now I use Lethal in my arsenal instead of Nexus.

Not only is it helpful to be able to have quick conversations with the support teams, but it’s also instantly gratifying to have discussions with globe-trotting DJs and producers such as Gareth Emery. The following actually led to me entering the beta testing of a new streaming platform called choon.

Tweeting about politics

Unfortunately it’s the political interactions that get more response it seems. I’m already trying to push and share anything musical that relates to me or my genres. I wish some of the music related posts would get as much attention as the following examples, though.

41 likes, 3500 impressions

169 likes, 17 conversations, 5205 Impressions

I’m going to keep voicing my opinion about anything I feel like, but how does this affect the direction of this social media channel in terms of my music? Should artists stay out of politics? Or should they at least use separate accounts? I noticed that there are a lot of artists I follow who don’t keep quiet. Here is FeedMe who is being very vocal about the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida:

I think the rules may have changed.

Let me know if you have another opinion.


I’m really curious about something I’m about to test out. It’s this new streaming portal for musicians called choon. Designed to have its own payment ecosystem the entire thing is powered by the Etherium blockchain. Check out their website if you haven’t googles it already:

Some familiar faces are involved: Gareth Emery, Ashley Wallbridge and Bjorn Niklas, who I still remember from the Torque days at Ruby Skye in San Francisco.

This is one of the most interesting things in digital music distribution and streaming I’ve heard of in a long time and I can’t wait to see its mechanics work in a live environment.

So when I received a beta invite I just had to upload a couple of tracks to try it out. They had to be brand new, since nothing published or under contract is eligible. So I hurried and polished up my two latest projects.
The first one called “Stranger” is sort of a downtempo breaks track that I made recently. I like to make all kinds of music and enjoy each break away from house music πŸ™‚


The second track called “Neon Dark” sounds more like something people may be used to hearing from me. It’s been in the works for a while and after adding a punch of different things I decided to strip it back down to the current version. It’s my personal underground party soundtrack πŸ™‚

For now I have to say that choon came along at a very convenient time, because I was looking for a solid outlet and got a bit tired of the entire label scene. I have high hopes for this platform and I’m keeping a close eye on its development. It could possibly become the kind of outlet for my music I’ve been looking for lately!

I’m stayin tuned πŸ™‚


I can’t really say “Hey I’m back!”

I was never really gone. Over the last few years I’ve just been involved in behind-the-scene projects. The Coachella Mixes, for example and the managing of my own labels.

I do however want to concentrate more on my own music again. I restarted my website and drafted a weekly schedule of music activities. Because if the board says I have to do something, I won’t find an excuse not to πŸ™‚ I got myself a shiny logo to go with the new year as well πŸ˜€

I started off by making a kind of a trippy hip hop instrumental. It ended up sounding like something out of Stranger Things and so I dubbed it “Stranger Beats”. The intention here is see if I can enter the world of beat selling. Why the fuxk not? πŸ˜€ I don’t mind the challenge. You can take a listen to the track here:

I’m also pretty far into a new tech house type track, which I will be looking to get signed.

That pretty much wraps up my “return”. I’m not sure if I’ll do regular weekly updates on my progress but I’m planning on posting my Digital Wax Choice of the Week Mix regularly. I’m definitely super excited about 2018 πŸ˜€