After last weeks thump and grime and distortion I want to share one of my favorite mixes from my early mentor, and one of the best producers I’ve ever met, J. Scott G. He manages to bring sophistication into that “Rock Out” feeling! I coined the genre “Electronica” because it’s not all house and electro but includes breaks as well. We met through John Beaver back in the day when Scott was still part of Deepsky, an electronic live band with lots of live percussion resulting in a tendency towards breakbeat arrangements. They’re shows varied with the setup. Sometimes it was just Jason and him and at other shows an entire band would show up… including a live flute as I’ve experienced back at a Hollywood party.

Scott immediately opened up to a young me, an aspiring producer looking for any and all the help he could get. I will never forget how he busted out two empty CDs after their show (Yes CDs, it was 2004-ish) and filled them with DAWs, VSTs and Samples and told me:

“If you can’t make music with this, you can’t make music.”

That same night he also told me the following piece of advice that’s still holy to me:

“If you start a new project and it’s not kickin after 8 tracks, scrap it and start over.”

This happened the very first time we met after a Deepsky show in San Francisco.

We’ve managed to stay in touch, had lots of exciting moments since and even met up in 2012 in Berlin to explore the night life. Unfortunately, I was unable to meet up with him on his last Eurotrip but I’m sure there will be a next one and I’m making it a point to organize a little reunion.

Scott is currently involved in the projects Summer Channel and the thousand-voice-choir-project Qisvara.

Anyways, enough about all that. Like I mentioned this mix can be blasted in the car or listened to while cooking dinner. I did both this Friday. I feel it’s important for me to musically educate my neighbors with the help of the volume knob and these mixes I post. Now check out the last mix you’ll ever need.

Cheers, RDMN

Track Listing:

1. Intro [0:00]
2. Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange (feat. Kerry Leva) – In And Out Of Phase [1:39]
3. Hybrid – Numb (Hybrid Kill City Sounds Remix) [11:09]
4. Meat Katie & Chevy One – When You’re Dead [14:24]
5. Seb Dhaje – Go Down [20:15]
6. Soundprank/Proff/Frank Sinatra – Lady Rotation (J. Scott G. Mashup) [26:57]
7. Pryda – Allein [32:04]
8. Sergey Tkachev & Alexy Sonar/Blake Lewis/John O’Callaghan/Charlie Chaplin – Find The Great Spiral Touch (J. Scott G. Mashup) [35:54]
9. Au5 – Tendril [43:04]
10. Andy Page & Phil K./Neelix/Guy J – Get To Fly Your Galaxy (J. Scott G. Mashup) [46:56]
11. Deenk/Adam Freeland/J. Scott G. vs. Imprintz & Kloe/Meat Katie – Only You Can Battlefunk In Your Mind & Soul (J. Scott G. Mashup) [56:09]
12. Au5 & Fractal/Queen/Kaskade – Turn Down The Secret Radio (J. Scott G. Mashup) [60:41]
13. Bluescreen/Dilemn/POD/Loadstar – Past The Undercover Boom (J. Scott G. Mashup) [63:05]
14. Asking Alexandria/Celldweller/Chase & Status/Hybrid/August Rush – Break The Lesson In Time (J. Scott G. Mashup) [70:18]
15. Outro [74:13]

“Samples from August Rush, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, Here Comes The Boom, The Great Dictator, Perfume, V For Vendetta and anywhere else I could find something inspiring.” – J. Scott G.

I was lucky enough to have experienced one of the Justice sets around 2007 at Coachella. It turned my house music world upside down.. Funk plus attack style cuts and edits.. I didn’t know what hit me. Unfortunately I can’t find a recording of that set, but this is the closest to that style they played back then. Still, this mix is my anthem into the weekend πŸ™‚

It also inspired me to do this mashup using Justice and Wolfgang Gartner tracks:

Thanks for checking out this post! cheers πŸ™‚


Recently I decided to contact SoundCloud support and ask about the 3 strikes I had gotten for uploading all my mashups years ago. The answer was a slightly surprising but much appreciated: “Your account is strike free”

This is awesome news. I always liked my SoundCloud account better when it represented everything I did music production-wise. It was one of the two most motivating pieces of news I’ve gotten in the last two weeks.

So with soundcloud on a punishment reset I decided to slowly and carefully start uploading the mashups had posted back then. This time without a direct download option. The download would have to be done through the DemoDrop link in the description of the track. The first track I’m testing this out with is the Daft Punk vs. Feed Me mashup called Aerodynamic GTE and it’s been getting a really good amount of plays:


In a week or so I will upload another one. I just want to see if these are going to get flagged or not. There are a million mashups and remixes on SoundCloud so I hope they finally relaxed on this whole issue. YouTube for example is handling the entire thing much better, giving streaming revenue to the owners of used samples, etc.. but that’s a whole other story.

The second thing…

…that made my week was the upload of an opening DJ set edit/remix I had made for my own sets back in the day of Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana to the DemoDrop platform.

Here anyone (who has a DemoDrop account) can download and use it in their own sets. Actually I moved all of my remixes, mashups, etc. to this platform after SoundCloud went haywire a few years ago, but the special news about this remix is that it charted in the Electro House charts of DemoDrop.. first 700-something, then 600, and now at the end of last week: #536 πŸ™‚

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 2.38.45 PM

I recently started taking care of my music, my outlets and my channels again in a consistent way and I feel that it’s showing. I just want to keep going. I want to shift some of the unnecessary time-leeches away from my routine and make room for this again.

I really enjoy all of this πŸ™‚