If I learned anything this weekend it’s that I can celebrate it finally being Friday even when it’s saturday already… kinda like a belated celebration. Last week I had to skip out on my weekly post due to a work convention. Yes, I know it’s unbelievable. I do have to work even though I’m running this lucrative blog. Sorry to have to shatter that image of me πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

So this Friday I just had to go back to Dariio and his latest appearance at the Pancakes and Booze festival. The house music and the mixing are so solid I just couldn’t leave work without blasting it on the way home. Turning Bavarian heads has become a Friday pastime and Dariio is definitely helping with my endeavour.

If you get a chance go check out my man over on Choon for some crypto-based streaming fun:


And now to the mix itself. Don’t bounce off the walls now, ya hear?

Cheers, RDMN

I wanted to wait a little bit before paying homage to Tim. 28 is way to young.

I want to dedicate this Finally Friday post to him. I hope his case creates awareness for the mental struggles people face.

As mainstream as he became and as underground as I like to believe I am, his track Levels was game changing to me.

Please enjoy this live set. It’s just one of so many out there to check out.

cheers and r.i.p.

Welcome to a very special Friday. I’m posting this from the road because I’m visiting my hometown Berlin and I’m celebrating this Friday with a set by Berlin local Boys Noize. I’m probably going to have to fix some of the formatting on this post. This is my first time posting something from mobile πŸ˜…πŸ˜Ž

I’ll update the track list as well

Have an awesome weekend. I know I will.

Cheers RDMN

What? There is a lady mixing you say? I just came for the art exhibition… but I guess since we’re already here let’s talk about Pretty Pink, the groove happy chick dancing her ass off in this video. I like finding out about new people, characters and artists. She certainly isn’t unknown, but she’s new to me and besides music she seems to have an impeccable taste in ancient art. Not only is her track selection good but her production is pretty top notch as well!

Check her out for yourself and of course as always let me know if you can recommend any mixes for the next Finally Friday!

Finnebassen – Retrograde (Finn Pilly Edit)
Pretty Pink – Repeat (Original Mix)
Marek Hemmann – Zunder
Veerus & Maxie Devine – Cars (Original Mix)
Pretty Pink – Fludora (Original Mix)
RHCP – Otherside (AVF Edit Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
Compact Grey & Haze – Around The Bane (Noir Mashup Treatment)
Oliver $ – Hoes (Original Mix) Animal Trainer – Dragon Games (Original Mix)
Ninetoes – Finder (Original Mix)
Infinty Ink – Infinity (Original Mix)
Raumakustik – Glaub mir doch (Sonntagskind & David Jach Remix)
Daft Punk & Daughter – Get Lucky (Pretty Pink Edit)


What’s up everyone,

it’s Friday AF and everyone is ready to party… or at least you should be πŸ™‚

Dug up this gem by TECHNIMATIC presented by The Lab from a few years back. Sometimes we just need a little “hyper-coloured” drum n bass to get the weekend started, right? πŸ˜€
I myself can’t rely on house alone. …aaaaand off into the weekend, cheers!

[00:0003:40] – Technimatic – Perseverance
[03:4104:55] – Technimatic – Sphere
[04:5607:04] – Hugh Hardie – Wide Eyes
[07:0508:29] – Seba – Never Let You Go [Blur Mar Ten Remix]
[08:3010:41] – Random Movement – Connections
[10:4212:49] – LTJ Bukem – Horizons [Komatic Remix]
[12:5014:39] – Anushka – Never Can Die [Ivy Lab Remix]
[14:4016:49] – Nelver & nCamargo – Lonely
[16:5018:59] – Alix Perez – Forsaken [Calibre Remix]
[19:0020:47] – Intelligent Manners & Enei – Midnight Runaway [Lynx Remix]
[20:4822:26] – Skeptical – Desire (Feat. Collette Warren)
[22:2724:02] – Technimatic – Chasing a Dream
[24:0325:43] – Capone – Friday
[25:4428:02] – Technimatic feat. Lucy Kitchen – Looking For Diversion w/ Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction [Lynx Remix]
[28:0333:02] – LTJ Buken – Music [Technicolour 12″ Rework] w/ LTJ Bukem – Horizons
[33:0335:11] – Alicia Keys – Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready) [Lenzman Bootleg]
[35:1236:39] – DJ Hype – Hands Up
[36:4037:43] – D-Side – Ninja Scroll
[37:4440:17] – Sampha – Too Much [Spectrasoul remix]
[40:1842:01] – Technimatic – One Way
[42:0244:11] – Fierce & Matrix – Climate
[44:1247:43] – Bungle – Blue
[44:4449:56] – Technicolour & Komatic – Launch Sequence
[49:5752:20] – Technimatic – Beneath The Skies
[52:5153:50] – Technimatic – Innermost
[53:5155:40] – Roy Green & Protone – Shady
[55:4157:46] – Raiden – Trellick
[55:4759:37] – Technimatic – Music Is Music
[55:381:02:50] – Nu:Tone – New Boy
[1:02:511:03:56] Seba – Addicted
[1:03:571:07:30] M.I.S.T – Outerspace
[1:07:311:10:24] – Technimatic – The Evening Loop
[1:10:251:13:38] – Kove – Searching
[1:13:391:16:26 ] – Friction vs Total Science – Scatter
[1:16:271:16:52] – Frankee – Flintstone
[1:16:53 – Β 1:19:03] – Logistics feat. Sonic – Polyphony
[1:19:041:22:34] – Technimatic – Night Vision
[1:22:351:27:20] – Technimatic – Tectonic [Personal fave off the album :)]

This has got to be one of my all time favorite tech house sets and not only because it seems like a cast member of the Big Bang Theory is having the time of his life right behind Steve Bug πŸ™‚
The first track got me hooked right from the start. It’s a perfect opener. These are the kinds of sets you hope to end up at when you go out to party.

Check out the entire tracklist (thanks to YouTube user spiscHiPs):

01 Detroit Swindle Feat. Mayer Hawthorne – 64 Ways (Detroit Swindle’s 65th Way Dub)
02 Oxia – Earth Sound
03 SHOW-B – Dem Atmos
04 Genius Of Time – Juno Jam
05 Manuel Tur – Ara Anam
06 DJ Pierre & Supernova – The Beat 27min
07 Affie Yusuf – Rinse & Dry 33min
08 Anaxander – Song For S (Saturday Love) 36min
09 Norm Talley – The Reworks (Part 1) 40min
10 Mihai Popoviciu – Time 44min
11 LTJ X-Perience – Cry (LTJ Rework Edit) 48min
12 Wil Maddams – Handle The Change 53min
13 Dungeont Meat – The Hairy Axe Wound
14 Anthony Acid – Gimme Da Music 62min

If this doesn’t motivate you as a DJ then I can’t help you any further πŸ˜‰


Featuring that deep house sound by Nora En Pure because it is Coachella time after all and they are playing there as well.Β Plus Deep House is dope as hell, when done right.. and this is done right πŸ™‚

Why am I still writing? Go enjoy this mix without letting me distract you with words.


01. Nora En Pure – Morning Dew (Original Mix)
02. Nora En Pure – Zambia (Original Mix)
03. Antonio Giacca – Birdland (Original Mix)
04. Me & My Toothbrush – Gold Member (Original Mix)
05. Antonio Giacca – Down Like The River (Original Mix)
06. Nora En Pure – Convincing (Original Mix)
07. Milk & Sugar – African Day (Calippo Remix)
08. Croatia Squad – Make Your Move (eSquire Remix)
09. EDX – Roadkill (EDX’s Ibiza Sunrise Remix)
10. Daniel Portman – Abandon (Original Mix)
11. Sons Of Maria – Chimera (Original Mix)
12. Nora En Pure – Lake Arrowhead (Original Mix)
13. Nora En Pure – Diving With Whales (Original Mix)
14. OMR & ADRY – Going Around (Original Mix)
15. Ben Remember – Pure Haze (Original Mix)
16. Philip Wolf & Nicolas Hanning – Sonar (Original Mix)