I’ve produced many tracks in the past and usually they’re solo projects, which rely only on me and the time I invest in them. Let Me See on the other hand involved so many variables that I simply wanted to write about it to at the very least have it documented for myself.

The initial Idea

John Beaver, my Coachella Mix partner, DJ colleague and high school buddy, decided to cross off one of his dreams and booked a Europe trip. He let me know that although he’ll be traveling from shows to parties to events, etc. he wants to meet up for a few days and see if we can produce some music together.
Although I live in southern Germany, I told him it would be a good idea to meet in Berlin, being the German capital of electronic music as well as the city I was born in. He booked his flights accordingly and I started the project of bringing a “music studio” to Berlin.

The mobile Studio


With a few additions to some equipment I already owned I managed to piece together a little setup that would provide us with creative flexibility in any hotel, hostel or AirBNB.

Just to list it all:

  1. Macbook Pro with Ableton Live, Reaktor, Maschine (software only), Lethal, Massive and Traktor
  2. Traktor S2 controller
  3. Oxygen8 midi keyboard
  4. Good ol’ trusted Sony headphones
  5. Behringer usb soundcard
  6. Bose Soundlink
  7. Every cable variation imaginable so everything was able to connect to everything else

John and I briefly went through some style and genre examples of what sort of track we’d want to work on and I went ahead and pre-produced three different ideas, each only about 30 seconds long to see what we would end up grooving to.

The Reunion


John and I hadn’t seen each other in about six years. We’ve continued to work on music over Skype and facebook and dropbox during this whole time. It was gonna be a slightly hectic two Days. I drove for about nine hours, because I wasn’t gonna take all that equipment on an airplane. I had time to setup in the hotel room before John’s plane landed. The first night was about celebrating, having fun and inspiration. He landed at around midnight and we went straight to a club with some friends of mine. The weather was super warm so the outdoor wonderland of Ipse was a really nice location to catch up, have a drink, dance around and see the sun rise over the trees and the canal. Not to mention all the techno and tech house we were exposed to that night.

First day of production

After we slept in the next day and got the sight seeing out of the way we settled in and went through the ideas I started on. We quickly decided on one style. We worked on the initial project until we had about a two minute raw clip of the main idea… and time flew by. John’s flight was leaving at 7 am and it was almost 2 in the morning when we finished up. I saved the project, went to sleep for a couple of hours, drove John to the airport and kept driving until I was home about 8 hours later… and crashed.. (Enter Simon & Garfunkel – Sound of Silence)

Producing at a distance

The rest happened in the same way our Coachella Mixes happen. We shoot ideas back and forth over various channels. I produce a bit, he adds ideas, I implement, repeat. Meanwhile John tested out what we had so far at every single on of his shows and returned with priceless feedback until we finished. Yes, we actually finished it and it was such a great feeling. Off to mastering!

Mastering by the master

Hugo Allen, my long time label partner and friend, was my first and obvious choice for mastering this track. He did an awesome job making the entire thing pop and even hooked it up with a re-master after John played one last show, which prompted some important finalΒ edits within the tracks arrangement. I’m so glad to have Hugo in my network and my circle of friends. Hit him up if you need some quality work done: Hugo Allen Music

The final product and the next steps

I am currently testing a demo version of the track on SoundCloud and Choon:

The plan is to get this track on a label at some point… maybe even cut a music video together of the different shows John played this track at… these things are still up ahead and will trigger their own posts when they happen.

For now I’m just super excited that this project is a wrap and I can start working on the next mission.

cheers, RDMN

I’ve mentioned the new streaming platform Choon before. It has potential to be a game changer, but even if not, it’s interesting to see how this whole thing develops. They’re basing the payment system on their own currency or voucher called “Notes” which then can be exchanged for Etherium. When and how well all this is going to work is a question I’m not currently worrying about. I’m more interested in the mechanics of the website and I try to be a good beta user by commenting on issues I encounter. Check out Choon.co for more info on all that.

I’m currently uploading my entire back catalog of tracks and I decided to dress up each one in new cover art exclusively for Choon. Here are the first 4 tracks:

Check out My Choon Profile and listen to some of the Radman Classics. I’m going to continue uploading until I feel like I’m fully represented on that streaming portal.

I’m hoping to see some way to bring a choon community together at some point. A Facebook group could be a solution but I think it would be way cooler to be able to collaborate on the Choon website itself. Maybe someone from Choon is listening πŸ˜‰

Cheers, RDMN

I’m declaring this week my personal drum and bass week.

I realized that the more people I talk to about music on a regular basis, the more inspired I get. Everyone has tastes that they’ve become experts in over the years and I can only advise absorbing the experiences they share with you!

Last week “drum n bass” came up briefly during a conversation and it got me to dive back into the genre after a while ofΒ having been absent. Many people who may only know me for house music and its variations may not know that I actually used to produce a little drum and bass back in the day. Here is one of the two tracks that got released and are still available today πŸ˜‰

Anyways, I started digging around a bit in the last couple of days and immediately found some new favorites. Favorites I wouldn’t have ever found if it wasn’t for that one conversation… let that marinate πŸ™‚

Ok here they are:

Netsky – Pirate Bay – My loud music while driving on loop havin favorite.


Rudimental – Waiting All Night ft. Ella Eyre – The “How have I never heard of Rudimental before” Track surprise.


Netsky – High Alert – The dopest hook/chorus vocal edit of the month for me.


Keeno – Faithless – So sophisticated and adulting.

There were a bunch more, but I caught myself giving the tracks above the most rewinds.

And I just have to end this post with the most epic improvised, on the spot, top of the dome joke about drum and bass ever, thanks to Jimmy Carr. πŸ˜€


Feature Image Credit:
By Djurica94 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s that time of year again. Coachella is approaching and my dropbox is downloading over a hundred tracks, all potential candidates for our 14th annual Coachella mix.

This year I am trying to capture the work on video but it has already proven harder than I expected. Recording isn’t the issue but all the upload, editing, processing, etc. is taking really long. It’s certainly taking longer than I take producing these mixes and I have to stay on top of it to meet our deadline. So because of this I am going to try to post a few short clips here and there but my number one priority is the mix itself.

If you don’t know these mixes or need a refresher, you can check out and download the last three years right here. I will eventually add earlier years as well:


John Beaver and I actually started a branded website dedicated to these Coachella mixes, but I guess that was a bit too much for our friends at Golden Voice. Since they’ve supported what we’ve been doing for almost a decade and a half, we didn’t put up a fight when they kindly requested that we take that website down… I can’t blame them.. it looked legit AF πŸ˜€ lol. Either way, I consolidated the content into a couple of pages and added them to this website. I’m planning on keeping it here so feel free to remember it, write it down or take a picture πŸ™‚

I may not be setup yet to give regular video updates but I will certainly keep posting about the progress here for the next couple of weeks.

And now it’s time to beat warp about 50 tracks in Ableton. It’s zombie-work but an important step in setting up the mashup sessions down the line.



I was lucky enough to have experienced one of the Justice sets around 2007 at Coachella. It turned my house music world upside down.. Funk plus attack style cuts and edits.. I didn’t know what hit me. Unfortunately I can’t find a recording of that set, but this is the closest to that style they played back then. Still, this mix is my anthem into the weekend πŸ™‚

It also inspired me to do this mashup using Justice and Wolfgang Gartner tracks:

Thanks for checking out this post! cheers πŸ™‚


I’m really curious about something I’m about to test out. It’s this new streaming portal for musicians called choon. Designed to have its own payment ecosystem the entire thing is powered by the Etherium blockchain. Check out their website if you haven’t googles it already:


Some familiar faces are involved: Gareth Emery, Ashley Wallbridge and Bjorn Niklas, who I still remember from the Torque days at Ruby Skye in San Francisco.

This is one of the most interesting things in digital music distribution and streaming I’ve heard of in a long time and I can’t wait to see its mechanics work in a live environment.

So when I received a beta invite I just had to upload a couple of tracks to try it out. They had to be brand new, since nothing published or under contract is eligible. So I hurried and polished up my two latest projects.
The first one called “Stranger” is sort of a downtempo breaks track that I made recently. I like to make all kinds of music and enjoy each break away from house music πŸ™‚


The second track called “Neon Dark” sounds more like something people may be used to hearing from me. It’s been in the works for a while and after adding a punch of different things I decided to strip it back down to the current version. It’s my personal underground party soundtrack πŸ™‚

For now I have to say that choon came along at a very convenient time, because I was looking for a solid outlet and got a bit tired of the entire label scene. I have high hopes for this platform and I’m keeping a close eye on its development. It could possibly become the kind of outlet for my music I’ve been looking for lately!

I’m stayin tuned πŸ™‚


Recently I decided to contact SoundCloud support and ask about the 3 strikes I had gotten for uploading all my mashups years ago. The answer was a slightly surprising but much appreciated: “Your account is strike free”

This is awesome news. I always liked my SoundCloud account better when it represented everything I did music production-wise. It was one of the two most motivating pieces of news I’ve gotten in the last two weeks.

So with soundcloud on a punishment reset I decided to slowly and carefully start uploading the mashups had posted back then. This time without a direct download option. The download would have to be done through the DemoDrop link in the description of the track. The first track I’m testing this out with is the Daft Punk vs. Feed Me mashup called Aerodynamic GTE and it’s been getting a really good amount of plays:


In a week or so I will upload another one. I just want to see if these are going to get flagged or not. There are a million mashups and remixes on SoundCloud so I hope they finally relaxed on this whole issue. YouTube for example is handling the entire thing much better, giving streaming revenue to the owners of used samples, etc.. but that’s a whole other story.

The second thing…

…that made my week was the upload of an opening DJ set edit/remix I had made for my own sets back in the day of Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana to the DemoDrop platform.


Here anyone (who has a DemoDrop account) can download and use it in their own sets. Actually I moved all of my remixes, mashups, etc. to this platform after SoundCloud went haywire a few years ago, but the special news about this remix is that it charted in the Electro House charts of DemoDrop.. first 700-something, then 600, and now at the end of last week: #536 πŸ™‚

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 2.38.45 PM

I recently started taking care of my music, my outlets and my channels again in a consistent way and I feel that it’s showing. I just want to keep going. I want to shift some of the unnecessary time-leeches away from my routine and make room for this again.

I really enjoy all of this πŸ™‚


Hello friends,

since I was slightly knocked out last week by a rude set of stairs I wasn’t really able to be productive. So I decided I will check out my YouTube Channel and see which of my uploads are being played the most at the moment and reduced my findings to a simple Top3 in reverse order.

*Note that these are the top 3 currently trending not overall played videos.
Also, I don’t have the kind of following on YouTube that I have on Soundcloud, for example, so feel free to subscribe πŸ™‚

Alright, Number 3 on the list:

Playing a set together with John Beaver in Sacramento back in around 2010 or 2011 called Match Made in Heaven. In this clip I’m playing my, then new, track 5am feat. Phonic Youth. It was awesome that the crowd responded to so well.


Number 2 on the list:
This is my Michael Jackson vs. The Prodigy mashup I uploaded called The Way It Thrills. The underlying structures of both tracks are almost identical which made the production of the mashup itself almost fall into place on its own. Like with many tracks that I just upload to YouTube it only shows a still shot of the cover art, but it’s about the music anyway, right? πŸ˜‰

The tracks used in this mashup are:
Michael Jackson – Thriller
The Prodigy – The Way It Is


And the Number 1:
Mashups are so popular. My Justice vs. Wolfgang Gartner – Genesis Shot Pt.II mashup had over 40,000 plays on Soundcloud before they started axing all remixes, DJ mixes and mashups, etc. back in the day. That’s why I put them all up on YouTube and Demodrop for now and people are still finding these classics πŸ™‚

Tracks used:
Justice – Genesis and Phantom II
Wolfgang Gartner – Hook Shot

Thanks for checking out my post!


I can’t really say “Hey I’m back!”

I was never really gone. Over the last few years I’ve just been involved in behind-the-scene projects. The Coachella Mixes, for example and the managing of my own labels.

I do however want to concentrate more on my own music again. I restarted my website and drafted a weekly schedule of music activities. Because if the board says I have to do something, I won’t find an excuse not to πŸ™‚ I got myself a shiny logo to go with the new year as well πŸ˜€

I started off by making a kind of a trippy hip hop instrumental. It ended up sounding like something out of Stranger Things and so I dubbed it “Stranger Beats”. The intention here is see if I can enter the world of beat selling. Why the fuxk not? πŸ˜€ I don’t mind the challenge. You can take a listen to the track here:

I’m also pretty far into a new tech house type track, which I will be looking to get signed.

That pretty much wraps up my “return”. I’m not sure if I’ll do regular weekly updates on my progress but I’m planning on posting my Digital Wax Choice of the Week Mix regularly. I’m definitely super excited about 2018 πŸ˜€


The other day I listened to the new Feed Me’s Big Adventure. I’ve been a huge fan for while now. So after playing a few of their tracks at my last show I kept mashing up Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic with Feed Me’s Grand Theft Ecstasy in my mind all night long. I had trouble sleeping… When I woke up I sat down and knocked out this Mashup and it’s a fokkin banger!

The cover art of course was half the fun: