Finally Friday Electronic Glitch Bass with G Jones

So happy for this Friday, musically and because I am getting over a little concussion and can finally function again. During my dizzy spells last weekend, Formless shared an album by G Jones praising this producer’s genius and I just had to check it out. Since Formless is my new-music-guru I jumped on it, jumped in it…dove in it, soundwaves crashing in over my head… surrounded by sonic stabs, hits, slaps… my pupils grew ten sizes that day.

This album inspired a very specific part of my own production habits. There are moments when I have over the top, crazy, jaggedy sounds lined up in my own projects but I always put on the breaks and go for a more subtle option. I feel like I need to let those hidden sounds flourish. There are moments where these noises are needed to flesh out the otherwise text-book arrangement or production and this album immediately inspired me to push the edge a little bit more again. Some other producers that had the same effect upon first discovery in the past were: Vitalic, Something a la Mode, Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, Justice, and probably a few more I can’t think of this second.

Either way G Jones does not disappoint with his 11 tracks of Glitchy, Bass, Dubstep, Trap, Electronica, Sampletastic sound.. and neither does Formless for sharing this with me. Thank you for stimulating some growth within me.

Check out G Jones’ touring schedule:

**This album is best digested whole, from front to back**

Cheers, RDMN

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