Finally Friday Techno with DJ Axel Holmes

I’ve come to enjoy digging through my friends list on facebook or soundcloud and finding mixes from hard working local and underground DJs, who have families, day jobs or are full time students and still take the time to follow their passion.

It’s cool posting about the greats in the scene, with flashy videos and packed crowds in the background, but there is something about the underdog that resonates with me. The local heroines and heroes of the raves, clubs, ragers, underground, hotel rooms and house parties deserve to be heard.

This Friday I listened to DJ Axel Holmes – No Stopping Now and want to share it with all of you. I just love to cruise through these old traditional Bavarian villages and bump the thump.. and this mix certainly threw a Lederhosen clad fella or two off as I was driving by. I was getting into that daydream autodrive mode I got lost in the sounds and found myself back at a bar in a dark Berlin club, with my Club Mate Vodka in one hand dance-strutting over to the couch corner but never sitting down because those shits are always occupied… ok I lost myself again for a second… go check out this techno mix below and check out DJ Axel Holmes Artists page here.

Once I have a track list I’ll post that, too. Cheers RDMN.


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