Taming YouTube with your Help

Hey freaks and geeks,

this is not a how-to or a Top10 post. I actually would love some help with this. I want to start posting videos of me DJing and producing as well as other music related content in video format. As I’m currently only working with my iPhone, Premiere Elements and nothing else, you could consider me sort of a blank slate, a sponge ready to soak up your info. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can check out the content on my channel so far:

Also here are a few examples of the kind of lighting and audio recording I’m dealing with. In the first video I just recorded myself using the phone and its mic, obviously it’s shit. In the second video I recorded the audio of the mix separately and mixed it into the video during editing. But I’d like to have a nice full sound if I’m talking as well:

I definitely would be interested in some tips concerning lighting, cameras, mic options if necessary and maybe some techniques that you video enthusiasts are using, like utilizing angles and shadows, etc. Also screen caption software suggestions are welcome, as I may want to use a direct video clip of me doing something on screen in audio software instead of filming it off of the monitor.

I would like to use a camera that can focus on an object up close like my face or a controller, and have the background be out of focus and blurred. Any suggestions on this subject is much appreciated.

Hit me up here or on social media. Thanks for taking the time.

Cheers. Thomas.

Photo Credit:ย Photo byย James Pondย onย Unsplash

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