Top 3 Trending on my YouTube Channel

Hello friends,

since I was slightly knocked out last week by a rude set of stairs I wasn’t really able to be productive. So I decided I will check out my YouTube Channel and see which of my uploads are being played the most at the moment and reduced my findings to a simple Top3 in reverse order.

*Note that these are the top 3 currently trending not overall played videos.
Also, I don’t have the kind of following on YouTube that I have on Soundcloud, for example, so feel free to subscribe πŸ™‚

Alright, Number 3 on the list:

Playing a set together with John Beaver in Sacramento back in around 2010 or 2011 called Match Made in Heaven. In this clip I’m playing my, then new, track 5am feat. Phonic Youth. It was awesome that the crowd responded to so well.


Number 2 on the list:
This is my Michael Jackson vs. The Prodigy mashup I uploaded called The Way It Thrills. The underlying structures of both tracks are almost identical which made the production of the mashup itself almost fall into place on its own. Like with many tracks that I just upload to YouTube it only shows a still shot of the cover art, but it’s about the music anyway, right? πŸ˜‰

The tracks used in this mashup are:
Michael Jackson – Thriller
The Prodigy – The Way It Is


And the Number 1:
Mashups are so popular. My Justice vs. Wolfgang Gartner – Genesis Shot Pt.II mashup had over 40,000 plays on Soundcloud before they started axing all remixes, DJ mixes and mashups, etc. back in the day. That’s why I put them all up on YouTube and Demodrop for now and people are still finding these classics πŸ™‚

Tracks used:
Justice – Genesis and Phantom II
Wolfgang Gartner – Hook Shot

Thanks for checking out my post!


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