Recycling old equipment.

Any producer knows how cool new shiny musical toys are. That kid in a candy store feeling is all too familiar. The only thing is that a piece of candy in our line of work can easily start at a couple of hundred bills and upward.

So it’s not the most uncommon thing to start rigging. In this case I have my old trusty headphones I’ve used for over ten years as a DJ. Anyone who DJed during that time knows the Silver Sony MDR-V700. Anyone who’s used them also knows that these headphones had two issues:

  1. The rotating joint liked to crack if you are of the more enthusiastic type or just careless.
  2. That the fake leather ear cushions started to get brittle and flake after extended use. This would lead to a sweaty neck full of black pleather flakes after sets.

I never had an issue with number 1, I was pretty careful, but number 2 I think know one got around and neither did I. But I got them out of retirement:

This is not the first time I changed the cushions. I’ve ordered the factory cushions twice already during the lifetime of these headphones. It was time for something else. I found that you can buy fabric replacements online. In many different colors too. So I ordered a red pair for about a 20 (instead of brand new headphones) and I am super satisfied.
These things feel soft and comfortable and I don’t see this material deteriorating like the factory version did.

So sometimes it pays off to look around for a different solution and now I can spend the money on actual candy equipment or virtual instruments instead. 😌


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